MAD River Creemore to Glencairn ( or more ) Saturday July 20

Last Edit 10PM Tuesday July 16. The MAD River today is running a flow that is double what it was two weeks ago when six of us successfully did the Carruthers Park (Airport Rd) to Concession 3 section. It is true that the river is running a lot more slowly this time of year than it does in the spring, but now is a good time to bring your skill set to a higher level by learning optimum channel selection and sharps turns in tight places. Cold. fast flowing northern rivers may not be so forgiving. Come and enjoy 5 & 1/2; hours (ten km or more) of technical whitewater paddling on the MAD River (Creemore Ont) in mid summer. Call it Class II and III light (trees and sticks instead of rocks and high water). At low flow levels, this time of year, the river is moving much more slowly than the spring, so inexperienced whitewater paddlers can come experience the thrill of "rapids" in a relatively more safe environment. (learn and refresh paddle handling skills in a more controlled environment than the raging. cold water of the Spring runoff) We don't normally get an opportunity to do good quality whitewater paddling in southern Ontario in mid summer, but Tropical Storm Beryl dumped two days of heavy rain on southern Ontario Wednesday and Thursday this previous week. . At a minimum the paddling group will get the same experience as the six very happy WCA paddlers who played on the MAD on Sat July 6. The water levels were only 1.8 cu Meters per sec. I expect the river levels will be almost double that, on July 20 after the rain the previous week. Every person who registers for this trip is subject to review and acceptance by the trip organizer, which includes having each paddler submit a canoeing / river resume of training and experience in canoes. (I mostly want to know this will not be your first time in a canoe. The trip organizer reserves the right to cancel the reservation of any paddler who does not comply with this request or refuses to answer follow up questions about their prior paddling experience. You will in turn be sent a summary of my paddling background. The Mad River is MAD when it gets MAD (levels change quickly in spring / summer rain storms. **** Intermediate Skill Level **** for this trip, it means you have high skill levels on big flatwater and are comfortable navigating lakes in windy conditions. I want you to be comfortable with your ability to paddle forward on either side of the canoe, back paddle, ferry, back ferry, draw, cross draw or cross bow draw. Your reaction time needs to be quick. I will teach you the white water part (the MAD way) . Whether we run the river from the top at Riverside Dr (14 km) or move down river (ten km paddling) will depend on flow levels at Put In time and the skill levels of the paddlers who sign up. Come play with me on Sunday July 14 2024. . I have my own tandem canoe and am looking for a partner. Can supply a tandem canoe if a team needs one. Tandem Canoes get Priority for signup. Some solo paddlers can come if i know you. For safety, the group requires at least two tandems for forward scout and rear sweep. I can bump up the canoe count from six if I get signups who have paddled with me already this spring. Looking for two to six canoes. I want at least two tandems. I will scout the river from shore again this week.

The Basics
Event Location: 
Meeting Place - Riverside Dr (1 km north of County Road 9 in Creemore Ontario
Date(s) & Time: 
Saturday, July 20, 2024 - 10:00
Registration Cut Off: 
Friday July 19 2024 6pm
Event Duration: 
five to six hours
Difficulty Rating: 
Participant Info
Who's Invited: 
WCA members and friends of members
Maximum Group Size: 
6 boats
Minimum Group Size: 
2 boats
Itinerary description: 

Meet at Riverside Drive / County 9 in Creemore at 10am. Drop boats and gear. Shuttle as many cars as we can to Glencairn Conservation Area on Webster Road in Glencairn (parking fee applies ) . Lunch will be on the river shore at Carruthers Memorial Conservation Area (just upstream from where the MAD River flows under Airport Road) . From here the river slows down a bit until our take out at Glencairn Conservation Area. The river will hopefully be at good paddling levels similar to spring conditions. If the water level is low, we will do Carruthers Memorial Park to Concession 3. Please wear bring helmets if you have them (not totally necessary) , PFD, wetsuit or drysuit (if you have them (not totally necessary, the water is warm, closed toe shoes. Class II experience. SRT trained people, please bring your emergency recovery kits, ready to do battle, just in case. The river has a lot trees in it this year. (At low levels I don't expect to have to recover a canoe, but at higher levels, anything can happen)

Required Items to Bring: 

: Drysuit, or wetsuit (not totally necessary, bring it, may not wear them (in case of high water or cold water. Last week we didn't need them. we swam in the river downriver at Glencairn. , PFD, helmet, close toe shoes (no flip flops) . Painters for both ends of the canoe. Also bring your Whitewater PIN kit - carabiners, pulleys, accessory cord, webbing and throw bag) , in case we wrap a canoe, and a good hand saw if you have it. (in case we have to cut a canoe out of a sweeper). Don't like all worst case scenario stuff scare you. The river needs to be respected.
Please bring canoes that can handle hitting a few rocks (not your fancy kevlar or carbon fiber boats please) . I would prefer no Pac boats (gunnels too low and the material they are made of does not bounce off rocks well ) If Pac boat is is all you have, please contact me before booking

Recommended Items to Bring: 

Change of shoes and towel to throw on seat of car you will be shuttling in. You probably want your change of clothes in a drybag or waterproof barrel to bring on the river , so that the change to dry is not delayed at end of day.. For lunch stop: bring lunch, water, close toed shoes (no flip flops) . Towel for swim stop. Sweater for lunch if we get cloudy day.

How to Get There
Event Directions: 

From Barrie: Take County road 90 (Dunlop ST exit off hwy 400) to Angus. Turn right on County Road 10 (just after Yellow NO FRILLS building) . Continue on County Road 10 to County Road 9 (for New Lowell and Creemore). Drive through New Lowell, continue through Creemore to Riverside Drive. Riverside Drive is about 1.5 km past the Fire Station which will be on your left as you leave Creemore. Turn right on River side Drive to Put In, about half a kilometer north A(s of mid June, Riverside drive has a closed to through traffic sign on it, due to culvert construction. ignore it, drive past the sign. Put in is 1 km north where the road is closest to the MAD river (on your left)
From western Toronto, drive up hwy 410 to hwy 89, right on hwy 89 to Airport Road, left on Airport road, North to Cashtown Corners, turn left. (next traffic light after Avening) . Through Creemore and turn right on Riverside Drive. 10AM meeting time.

Carpool Info: 

Contact Organizer. He lives up north in Stayner, near the river, but he will help organize car pool

Cancellation Policy: 
Yes you could, but please be sure you can come, please don't cancel.
Event Coordinator/s Contact Information
Contact (Name): 
Andy Hueton