Moira River--Full

On a spring day, the Moira River north of Belleville provides a fun paddling trip from Lost Channel to Latta.

The river provides a great opportunity for good novice moving water paddlers to move up to an intermediate level river. I've moved the trip forward a couple of weeks from my usual time expressly to make the the run more novice-friendly with more places to practice without consequences and warmer weather if you do swim.

We'll meet at Chisholm's Mill at 9:30, do a car shuttle, and then warm up the easier lower section down to Latta. The rapids are not difficult; just a fun rollercoaster ride, with some surfing waves and eddies to catch along the way. We'll go back to Chisholm's for lunch at the cars, and then do a shuttle to run the more technical and challenging Lost Channel section. We should finish up around 4:00, and then we traditionally hit the nearby Maple Dale Cheese store along the highway for ice cream and cheese. (Real Canucks can buy cheese curds here for homemade poutine.)

Please note that as at the time of posting the river levels and weather cannot be predicted, the date could be changed if levels are not suitable or the weather is inclement. I like to play, and float along chatting with people. My idea of a fun outing isn't paddling in cold rain muttering to each other "don't worry, we'll soon be finished if we hurry." So if you sign up, you needn't worry that you are committing to a survival exercise-just a fun day.


The Basics
Event Location: 
Moira River, north of Belleville
Date(s) & Time: 
Saturday, April 27, 2024 - 09:30
Event Duration: 
1 day
Difficulty Rating: 
Participant Info
Maximum Group Size: 
8 boats
Itinerary description: 

We'll meet in the parking area by the river across the bridge from Chisholm's Mill at 9:30. Full day's itinerary is above.

Required Items to Bring: 

Whitewater canoe with flotation.
Wetsuit or drysuit. The water will still be chilly.

Recommended Items to Bring: 

Your lunch can stay in car. Just bring any snack or drink that you may want for the morning or afternoon runs.

How to Get There
Event Directions: 

Take Exit #544 north (HWY 39) from Hwy 401 at Belleville. Coming from the west, the exit is right after you go over the Moira River. Go north to the village of Roslin. Turn right onto Shannonville Rd. Go about 2 km and you will see the lumber mill and the river. Go over the bridge and turn right into the parking area.

Event Coordinator/s Contact Information
Contact (Name): 
Bill Ness