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2017 Turkey trip - Sherborne Lake - STUFFED FULL LIKE A TURKEY | Wilderness Canoe Association

2017 Turkey trip - Sherborne Lake - STUFFED FULL LIKE A TURKEY

2017.08.18 - the 3rd site is now booked and full. We now have 26 people attending. Thank you everyone.

2017.08.16 - 3rd site might be opening. This would make 26 people to date.

2017.06.27 - 2nd Site # 19 has now been booked by Doug and Daniela and NOW FULL.

2017.06.26 - Hi, the main site is now full. You are still welcome if you are interested in opening a second site. You just need to make the reservation and sleep on the site. The rest of the time you can spend with us on the main site and enjoy the company and food. I can help you fill the remaining spots on the site if you wish.

I have mention - NO dogs are allow at this food event. We have tried in the past and it did not work out.

Once again, we will return to the Haliburton Highlands Water Trails, Sherborne Lake group campsite # 18. We had a great time last year, if you missed it, read about it in the Nastawgan Winter 2016 issue. Cindy Atsma-Powell wrote a great article about the weekend social event.

This is a SOCIAL - FOODIE event with a little canoeing on the side.

There is a long winding rough logging road to get there. Lots of parking and a sandy beach to unload and launch. A very short paddle to the site. More details to follow as the plan comes together.

I have purchased the permit for the site. It can only hold 16 people in "many tents". This has been a very popular event and fills up fast. To confirm your spot(s) 1) sign-up on the WCA website to prove you are a WCA member. 2) email me to confirm your interest. 3) forward your share of the permit fee to me to confirm your spot(s). 14 spots are now available.

We have had overflow sites the last few years. You will have to book and manage that site.

The Basics
Event Location: 
Haliburton Highlands Water Trails, Frost Centre Area - Sherborne Lake group campsite # 18.
Date(s) & Time: 
Friday, September 8, 2017 - 12:00
Registration Cut Off: 
the first 14 to pay
Event Duration: 
weekend to Sunday September 10, 2017
Difficulty Rating: 
Participant Info
Who's Invited: 
WCA members
Maximum Group Size: 
14 more then overflow sites
Minimum Group Size: 
Itinerary description: 

SOCIAL - FOODIE EVENT - request to bring some gorment food for the Saturday group meal. I will cook the Trash Can Turkey, unless you want to try it this year.

Required Items to Bring: 

The usual standing luxury camp items. Gorment food to share. Saturday is the only group meal, the rest is up to you to bring.

Recommended Items to Bring: 

standing luxury camp items and gorment food. More to follow when the trip fills

How to Get There
Event Directions:
Sherborne Lake Access Road.
NOTICE - Be advised, crown land logging operations are planned in various areas around the Haliburton Highlands Water Trails for the 2017 season. Operations are expected to occur in the vicinity of Cinder, Poker, Orley, Raven, Little Margaret, South Jean and Margaret Lakes. Forest Access Roads including the Cinder Lake Access Road, Margaret Lake Access Road and Sherborne Lake Access Road will be utilized as haul routes for these operations. Use caution while travelling these roads and pay attention to posted signage. Call the Trails Office for more information at 705-766-9033..

Carpool Info: 

Please feel free to arrange yourself.

Cancellation Policy: 
If I can replace you, you will get a refund.
Event Coordinator/s Contact Information
Contact (Name): 
gary james