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The WCA requires all outing participants to electronically complete a Release of Liability and Waiver of Claims form prior to participating in a WCA outing.  All participants must read and electronically sign and accept the Release/Waiver to register for and participate in club activities.

For spouses and children aged 18 to 21 included on a WCA family membership, the primary member should request a WCA profile to enable full access to the WCA website features. This will enable a spouse to electronically register and a member parent to register their children for outings.

  • Primary member should Log in to the WCA website.
  • Click to open “My account” on the far left under the “User” tab.
  • Click to open “Extended User” tab on top menu.
  • Complete Secondary Member Details sections.
  • Click “Save” at bottom of page.
  • Email to request a Family Member profile for the spouse and/or child.)

Now the Family Member spouse and children age 18-21 can log in to register for trips.

(Note that Family Member only includes children up to age 21 residing with the primary member.)

For spouses of individual members, minor children and guests, waiver forms must be manually completed.

  • On the WCA website, click to open “Participant Resources” on the left side of the screen.
  • Click to open and then download the Waiver form.
  • Print. Guest signs/dates each form. Parent signs/dates for minor child.
  • Either scan or photograph the signed documents. Email one copy to the organizer (The organizer’s confirmation that the guest has completed the form.) and a second copy to that the WCA will retain for their records.
The WCA has established the following guidelines for its outings with the goal of providing each participant with a safe, enjoyable experience, and so that all participants clearly understand the framework within which our sanctioned club outings operate. It is expected that all participants on club trips, including member spouses, guests of members, and children’s guardians have read and agree to these guidelines.
 Any questions relating to the WCA Release of Liability and Waiver of Claims for Outing Participants, or the WCA Outing Participant Guidelines should be directed to the WCA Outings Committee chair or to the WCA chair.  Email
Watch this video, that explains the process.