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The Journal of the Wilderness Canoe Association

If the trip program is the heart of the WCA, then its quarterly journal, Nastawgan, is the soul. More than merely a club newsletter, the journal is a resource for articles and reports about wilderness travel and informs members of WCA trips and issues in the paddling community. You will find submissions by club members and other like-minded outdoor adventurers, as well as each season’s Events Calendar.

Nastawgan accepts a wide range of topics from wilderness canoeing and winter travel to club events and training reports, historical and environmental subjects, photo essays, equipment reviews, letters to the editor, news briefs, and other paddling pieces.

The Nastawgan is a quarterly journal published by the Wilderness Canoe Association, originally called The Beaver Damn which started in 1974. By 1975 the name was changed to The Wilderness Canoist and in 1982 it became Nastawgan. In 2021 the e-version (e-Nastawgan) was started. It showcases incredible wilderness expeditions, inspiring conservation work, camping stories, paddling advice and more.

Increasing in printing and mailing cost over the years and the shrinking potential print house suppliers has driven us to look for alternates to get our journal out. In 2021, we started e-Nastawgan as a parallel effort to our print/mailing the journal out.


e-Nastawgan is the next logical step for our quarterly journal where we add more photos and links to videos and the ablity to add comments, contact the author and more.  You can view the e-Nastawgan here at e-Nastawgan.

Nastawgan Archives

The WCA retains a complete archive of all Nastawgan issues. WCA members must log in to view archives issues of the current year or previous year.  The archives contain all the journals back to 1974 Vol. 1 No.1   You can view the archives here at Nastawgan Archives.

WCA Journal (Nastawgan) Index

The WCA has compiled a 'Journal Index' which is a list of past Nastawgan articles, by subject content & title, called the 'Nastawgan Index'.  It is an aid for the journal years 1974 - 2007 that can be used to track down past Nastawgan articles for the purpose of trip planning, research, or general interest. If you are interested in searching for a specific subject area from a past issue of Nastawgan, select the category from the category list below & click on the link.

Work to update the index is in progress

Click here for the Journal Index.

Contact Information:
  • Submissions of all material to be considered for publishing in Nastawgan should be made to Iori Miller (Editor-in-chief) at
  • The following dates are the deadlines for submissions for each issue of Nastawgan during the year: the first day of February, May, August, and November.
Editorial Team:    
          Editor-in-Chief   Iori Miller
          Assistant Editor Mike Fish  
          Associate Editor, Resources  Bob Henderson
          Associate Editor, Text Dave Brown  
          Layout Barb Young