Wanegan for Canoe Tripping

Hand-crafted wooden wanegan for canoe tripping. A wanegan (also spelled wanigan or wannigan) is traditionally used as a kitchen box or to pack fragile equipment on canoe trips. A wanegan protects kitchen gear and supplies during wilderness travel and keeps them organized, clean, dry and accessible. The top provides a flat surface for various kitchen chores and is strong enough to also function as a seat. This robust design is based on a pine frame with a 3/8” plywood shell, brass fittings and multiple layers of varnish. The tight-fitting lid is virtually waterproof as is. External dimensions are 24” x 15 ¾” x 17.5”. Internal capacity ~ 72 liters. Weight 9.5 kg. There are handles for maneuvering the wanegan in and out of the canoe plus shoulder and waist straps for portaging. 5/8” feet keep the bottom of the wanegan off any water in the canoe or off muddy campsite terrain.

$300 CAD
Contact Information
Bill Scott