Tripping under Covid 19 and looking for answers.

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Well I got the letter off to the Government and the Parks people using my position of Conservatopm Chair of the Wilderness Canoe Assoc. (volunteer position) Looking for some answers and suggestions for our outdoor communities in this time.
It was actually really hard, under normal circumstances you would place your statements and back with various layers of evidence to support your arguments.
In point you would write a small novel.
I know most of of us are looking for some much better information on the Governments & parks plan so we can make plans to get back out there.
Under this Covid 19 pandemic things are very different.
If we want to to get answers we must be able to submit something that will be read, and hopefully open a dialogue to get more information and maybe get our points across.
In these times you have to understand that they don't have time for long winded reports, or rants.
So I started with my small novel (shorter than normal :) ) whittled it down a lot and then gave it to my Wife Anne that in her job writes reports for Executives that do get read.
So in the end it was short, concise and covered the major points that many of us are looking for answers.
(Anne made me look very good ;) )
Hopefully it will open the door for more open and discussions on what may happen in the months ahead.
We just have to remember these are very tough times.