Time for a virtual camping/paddle trip!

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Long range forecast for next Friday to Sunday
(At least for Southern Ontario)
Looks amazing!We have officially dubbed it
"A hell of a long weekend!
(for obvious reasons, it is ground hog months)
Do something !
Ok First thing we need to do is make sure everyone has a "camp fire"
For your virtual Fire.
Almost all carriers (sat & cable) still have a fire place channel
On Rogers Ignite 917
On Bell Vibe it is 1539
So check your local carrier to get your fire Ready!!!!
Remember post pics and share!!!!!!!
Let's go "CAMPING!!!! "
(But a a safe socially responsible distance from others at your own home!
Don't forget you can virtually interact with your many friends via a multiple of ways now!!
See you at your local virtual park this weekend!!!
Missing this a lot this year.