Surf Cambridge Fund raising Event July 22

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If you are looking for something to do next Sunday, July 22, come on down to Cambridge and support the effort to create a paddle destination in South West Ontario on the Grand River. Surf Cambridge is a nonprofit organization raising money for a permanent river wave for paddlers and river surfers. The site itself is a perfect for this, but we need your help to make it become a reality!
This will not be a site for “big” water but a site where paddlers can come and learn various paddling skills.
The site itself is a perfect site for this.
But the site needs to be developed for this purpose.
There are various events (link at bottom) and I will address the slalom portion of these fund raising events.

At present there is not the infrastructure for a paddle site here in lower flows and Surf Cambridge was formed to achieve this goal.

For the slalom portion we will be using floating buoys for our gates.
It is not a race. The gates are being used for instructional purposes to give you something to aim for in the river.
This event is also for open to canoe or kayaks.
There will be two sections, one for those with some moving water experience in what is mostly Class I and faster current and an easier section of Class I and a moving water section.
The image is taken at our event site.

For the “more experienced” group slots from an instructional stand point we will be using the gates to improve the efficiently of your river eddy work and positioning your boat in currents.

For those in the “fun run” time slots we will introduce you to white water strokes and positioning and we will try and adapt as best we can for each paddler.

Since this the inaugural event of Surf Cambridge to get the project off the ground and in the public eye, the time allotments for each group is limited to only 50 minutes and hopefully we can give you a taste for what can be accomplished here.

Even if your a more experienced paddler come on out and support a great cause and support the local paddling community.

Slalom site link

For the Event page

Surf Cambridge

If you are one of the “older” paddling folk come on down and lend a hand!