Satellite Phones, InReach, Tandem and Solo Royalex Canoes, Consulting

I have two Iridium 9555 satellite phones for rent. $125 - first week $100 - each additional week Also, an InReach Explorer which is strictly for two-way email/text messages. $75 - first week $50 - each additional week. Each comes with a Pelican case and charger

I also have several Royalex tandem (Canyon, Starburst) and solo (Vertige - X and Super Nova) canoes, outfitted for moving water and all paddling gear (safety, helmets, PFD's, paddles). Prices negotiable, depending upon length and location of trip. In addition, I have a Chestnut Pal (yes, this was the canoe model used by Bill Mason - maybe more so than his famous red prospector) as well as a Birchbark canoe (Golden Lake First Nation). Both are available for short term rentals by special request.
An assortment of camping gear is available for rent. Private lessons and trip consultations are also available, if requested.
Canoes and other equipment are conveniently available at my outlets in Fergus and Palmerston, north of Kitchener-Waterloo.
I have been wilderness tripping for more than 40 years and I can also help you with your preparation and planning.

Basic Canoeing and Canoe Tripping Instructor (ORCKA) and Moving Water Instructor (Paddle Canada)

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Jack Frimeth