River/Lake Access relations!

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Saw this thread of facebook and felt it is really revelant with the number of new paddlers taking to the waters these days.

Landowner Parks, Conservation areas, Conservation reserves, City Parks, Crown lands relations.
Thought I would share this post this way because is very important as we try to maintain access points to our various paddle locations whether it is WW of flat water.

Thanks to Chris Card for starting this off!

Chris Chard Minden Whitewater Paddlers
Landowner relations. As we enter spring paddling everyone keep in the back of their head that there are rivers that we access over private property and others that have sensitive and fragile landowner relations. Always be respectful of the land you are on, the folks who own it as well as to those in the surrounding neighbourhoods. Wave, smile, be friendly, don’t block roads, driveways etc. A lot of the back road put ins are in areas that rarely see other traffic so keep in mind that kids are playing, dogs are running around etc. A shining example of good relations at work is the lovely folks in Queensborough who rallied yesterday to have fresh pie and burgers at the takeout, which never happens outside of Mackfest. Cheers all and hope to see you on the water soon.

Gary George I'll add a few words to Chris's very thoughtful comments. Many, many hrs of work have gone on behind the scenes, by many volunteers, to secure and smooth over situations that allow these continued accesses. Promises, networking, insurance commitments and hard physical labour have been put into play to allow these accesses to continue. In a couple cases stairs built, in others signs made and posted. In others just long careful conversations after long road trips. The folks at Queensborough as supportive as they are, once had concerns, once weren't as sure as they are today. Not to suggest there was trouble, just the usual worry. Good behaviour and proactive paddlers built that relationship with calm communication during a time when several other similar locations around the same area were in hot little skirmishes over parking and trespass. Nobody is more identifiable than a bright orange paddler in a grey spring forest. Behave as if you are the one and only ambassador of all paddlers. And don't get naked, indiscreetly at put ins or take outs. It's no big concern among paddlers, but Sunday morning, that car going by, probably headed for church, likely has kids on board. Don't make that impression...LOL!

Jeff McColl I will also add to the two very positive posts above and maybe not as nicely as they have. "Don't post on social media where you belittle the landowners, locals Parks staff and so on. Don't post your indiscretions mentioned above. For one I know Parks, and various Land owner groups monitor social media looking for "indiscretions" and then when we go to meetings these posts are brought up and it makes it more than difficult sometimes depending on just what was posted.