Improvements introduced in 2018

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For the Members' general information:

As of 2018 the current webmaster is Matthew Eberly.

With teamwork involving the Chair Gary Ataman, Membership Secretary Emmy Hendrix, our hosting company CeraIT, and the remainder of the Board:

The big improvement introduced to the administration of in 2018 was the conversion to a single date for membership renewals, on March 31st of every year. Included in this modification was the elimination of the two-step sign-up process, which had been allowing bots to maintain Registered User accounts sometimes for long periods, and was a general distraction. This was streamlined to allow Memberships to be created by anyone making a Credit Card purchase within 24 hours (without intervention.) Anyone (or any bots) creating a Registered User account now has their personal information, and account, deleted by the end of the day if they fail to purchase a membership. Hundreds of old members' (and bot) accounts were deleted in early 2019.

Also generally, the procedures for collecting members' personal information for membership purposes was streamlined for accuracy. The Membership Secretary duties were expanded to include recording Orders using the website's Store functions and keep better records of paper transactions, for moneys collected at both of the Outdoor Adventure Show and Wilderness Canoe Symposium (where a substantial number of renewals are recorded.)

There is a substantial list of content improvements already in work. Otherwise we are continuing to look for good ideas.

The website is maintained using Drupal 6. A proposal was made to convert to Drupal 8, however, this cost was estimated at $12 000 and is not currently supported by the Board.