Gala on the Grand

I am proposing to organize a paddle day on the Grand River, followed up by a dinner Cruise by Grand River Cruises. In the past people have organized a Grand River Paddle followed up by a wonderful BBQ afterwards, but it appears 'nothing is in the works' for this, this year, so i am proposing upping the ante a bit and going for a nice river boat cruise meal after a day of paddling. Sure, we'll all be sunburnt (hopefully a sunny day!????????), and maybe a little ripe, but we'll be sitting as a group and so NO PROBLEM for us!
The details:
You can google Grand River Cruises to see their boat, their menu and pics of the rivers.
The Cruise starts at 5, so presently I propose we paddle from Glen Morris to Paris. Its 10 km, generally easy paddling, bring a light lunch, we take out at 3pm and make our way to the Cruise launch. I am looking to get at least 8-10 people to do this. The dinner and Cruise is $75 (probably plus taxes). There are no bookings left for the size of group I'm proposing (sorry this was a last minute idea) for Saturdays in June to I'm proposing to do this as a Sunday event. Preferably Sunday June 18th (if that doesn't work, let me know if you'd be interested in June 25th).
If I get enough interest ... as in 10 people ... I will book the spots on the Cruise ship and proceed to work out the fine details of the canoe paddle that day.
If I get more interest, I will try to book more spots, too.
Preferably you have a partner in mind already, but if not, I will try to match people up. I suggest you have something better than a Kevlar boat, something a little more durable like a whitewater boat ?? as the Grand can be a little low in summer. But don't worry, as I have paddled it a lot and I know most of deeper routes.????
You must get in touch with me asap as the spaces on the Cruise ship will disappear quickly. If I get 8 people (myself included) I will make the booking right away, and then ask you to email transfer me the cost of the booking right away.
You can also rent boats at Grand Experiences (115 Grand River St N, Paris, ON - 888-258-2441) if you don't have one of your own.
Another possibility, you get yourself a hotel in the area so as to make your day less stressful when the Cruise is over.

This is a novice event. Your do not have to have white water skills for this ... although the Grand in this region does have a few swifts.

The Basics
Event Location: 
Grand River - Glen Morris, Ontario
Date(s) & Time: 
Sunday, June 18, 2023 - 09:00
Registration Cut Off: 
June 1, 2023
Event Duration: 
One day
Difficulty Rating: 
Participant Info
Who's Invited: 
WCA members and their friends
Maximum Group Size: 
7 boats?
Minimum Group Size: 
4 canoes
Itinerary description: 

Meet at put-in by 9am sharp. Shuttle - half an hour. Paddle and light lunch ending at 3:00. Shuttle and be at the Cruise dock by 4:45.
All details are tentative. I will firm them up once we actually know that there is a group interested.
Put-in: Parking lot beside the river in Glen Morris
Take-out: Parking lot near dam, east side of river near the dam in Paris.

Required Items to Bring: 

Must have a canoe, 3 paddles per canoe, PFD's, a light lunch, rain gear.

Recommended Items to Bring: 

I suggest a Change of clothes for the 'Gala' dinner after our day of paddling. It will be a lot cooler than the day.

A healthy appetite.

How to Get There
Event Directions: 

Specific details to follow once you have signed up and paid the monies required.

Carpool Info: 


Cancellation Policy: 
Once you have paid, you're aboard, so to speak. If we have a waiting list and you wish to withdraw .... we can talk.
Event Coordinator/s Contact Information
Contact (Name): 
iori miller
please use email