Call for Involvement! Bill 66 and other future enviro laws in Ontario

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Well that didn't take long, :-(

And if you think that any of the groups that cover environmental and park issues will have any consideration is laughable in a very disapointing way.

As the conservation chair of WCA I was expecting some issues with the Ontario Government.

We have already been branded as "leftie" and will be completely ignored (that is as ncie as I can put it)
The only way is for everyone that is concerned, get on their key boards and call them to task.
The dog and pony show that has taken over is taken right from the trump play book.

It is going to take an unprecedented effort from 10's of thousands of individuals to get involved.
Sadly it will be the only way.

Bill 66 that was introduced yesterday will make a lot of people wake up and not on the good side of the bed.
So much for the election promise to protect the GTA Green belt.

There is a lot of homework involved here in researching the other various bills this bill involves.